Nursing Diploma

Module One

GNS01-101: Fundamental of Nursing 4 hrs

GNS02-102: Dental care for nursing 3 hrs

GNS03-103 : Anatomy and physiology 4 hrs

GNS04-104: Pharmacology 3 hrs

GNS05-105: Drug calculation 2 hrs

GNS06-106: Occupational health and safety 2 hrs

Module Three

GNS13-113: Health Education 3 hrs

GNS14-114 : Gynecology 4 hrs

GNS15-115: Obstetrics 2hrs

GNS16-116 :Basic Nutrition 4 hrs

GNS17-117 :Medical terminology 3 hrs

GNS18-118: Psychiatric for nursing 3 hrs

Module Two

GNS07-107: Ethics and professional Nursing Issues 4 hrs

GNS08-108: Communicable disease control 4 hrs

GNS09-109: Epidemiology 2 hrs

GNS10-110: Maternal and child health (MCH) 3 hrs

GNS11-111: Prison health service 3 hrs

GNS12-112: Environmental health 2 hrs

Module Four

GNS19-119: Community health 3 hrs

GNS20-120: Reproductive health 4 hrs

GNS21-121:Primary health care 3 hrs

GNS22-122: School health service 3 hrs

GNS23-123: Arabic literature 2 hrs

GNS124-124: Internship 4 hrs

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